EaseUs Disk Copy

EaseUs Disk Copy 2.3

Simple, safe way to copy and backup all of your hard drive


  • Can rescue damaged hard drives
  • Helps create partitions and boot disks


  • Slow at scanning


If you've ever suffered from data loss or are upgrading your hard drive, then you need someway to backup and protect your data.

EaseUs Disk Copy is a useful tool for all those that need to backup, clone, or upgrade their small hard drive to something bigger or simply copy the contents of your hard drive. The Copy utility allows you to create images of huge hard drives by slowly scanning it and looking for potential read errors. This process takes quite a while because it has to inspect your drive in great detail so make sure you've got plenty of time spare or leave it running overnight. The program will warn you when it detects potential read errors that could start to damage Windows in the long term. You can perform various types of copy - copy all of your hard drive, a partition clone or a a sector by sector copy. The program has been recently updated to support the latest drives including IDE, SATAI, SATAII, SCSI, Firewire(IEEE1394) and USB drives, dynamic disks and it can help you with boot problems by showing you how to boot from a CD ROM. The GUI is very easy to use although as mentioned, it can be very slow at scanning and copying but at least you know it's doing a thorough job.

A useful backup and copy solution that's easy to use although not the fastest utility on the market.

Support hard disks up to 1 TB Support more types of hard disks


  • Support hard disks up to 1 TB Support more types of hard disks

High-speed sector to sector disk copy software for hard disk. EaseUs Disk Copy utility offers a very fast and easy way to copy all or part of a hard drive to another hard drive.

EaseUs Disk Copy is a free software, which can create an exact (Mirror Image, Disk to Disk) copy of your old disk, including the operating system, applications, personal preferences, custom settings, and all of your vital data.

EaseUs Disk Copy


EaseUs Disk Copy 2.3

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